Product Description

Composition : Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.3%   and Cetrimede Solution 0.6%

Packing : 500 ML

Indication : Saftyjon  is a combination of two medicines that effectively treats wound infection. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and also reduces the redness, swelling, and pain due to infections.

Uses : search resultsfeatured snippet from the webits detergent and anti-bacterial properties, cleanses the dirty or infected wounds and heals faster.

“germiclean antiseptic liquid” is an ideal antiseptic liquid. …… protect your patients by gently cleansing and helping to prevent infection of minor skin injuries.
waraing : 
please dilute the product based on the remmendations to avoid skin irritation.

cause :
keep out of reach of children. If the condition is not improving or in case of any side effect, discontinue use immediately and consult doctor.
avoid contact with eyes. Store at below 25 c away from sunlight.


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