DR.D3 3,00,000 Inj

BRAND NAME : DR.D3 3,00,000

COMPOSITION : Cholecalciferol 300K IU/ML

PACKING : 10X5X1ML (Ampule)

MRP : 33.00/-

Published 911 days and 13 hours ago



Vitamin D3 is used in the treatment of Vitamin D deficiency and Osteoporosis.


Vitamin D3 is a form of vitamin D. It raises vitamin D levels in your blood. This in turn raises calcium levels in your blood by helping you absorb more calcium from food.


Loss of appetite, Itching, Facial swelling, Genital edema, Dry skin, Nail disorder, Erythematous rash, Decreased prothrombin level in blood, Difficulty in swallowing, Weakness, Fatigue, Sleepiness, Headache, Dryness in mouth, Metallic taste, Nausea, Vomiting.

DR.D3 3,00,000 Inj
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