COMPOSITION : Niacinamide 15 Mg + Zinc 12 Mg + Pyridoxine Hcl 2 Mg + Folic Acid 100 Mcg + Selenium 40 Mcg + Chromium 31.1 Mcg + Cyanocobalamin 1 Mcg

PACKING : 5X2X15TABS (Blister Pack)

MRP : 82.50/-

Published 680 days and 00 hours ago



Cobarise-CZS is used in the treatment of Nutritional deficiencies.


Cyanocobalamin is a form of vitamin B12 that helps in treating certain anemias and nerve problems. Pyridoxine hydrochloride treats or prevents deficiency of vitamin B6 and improves functioning of nervous and immune systems. Niacinamide (vitamin B3) is needed for the function of fats and sugars to maintain healthy cells. Zinc is needed for the body’s immune system to work properly. It plays a role in growth, wound healing, and maintaining gut health. Zinc is also required for the senses of taste and smell. Copper sulfate treats copper deficiency. Copper works with iron to produce red blood cells. It also helps keep the nerves, blood vessels, bones, and immune system healthy. Manganese sulphate contributes to the metabolism of cholesterol, glucose, amino acids, and carbohydrates. It also plays a significant role in blood clotting, bone formation, and reducing inflammation. Selenium dioxide acts as a resource of selenium that prevents cell damage and protects the body from the poisonous effects of heavy metals and other harmful substances.

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